Rapid Reality Studios Releases New MMO Game, Phylon

> Following the successful Beta testing phase, Rapid Reality Studios announces
> the commercial release of their first MMO, Phylon. The game is now available
> for purchase on the newly redesigned website, http://phylon-online.com.
> Tracy Spaight, Rapid Reality's COO stated, "We are excited to release Phylon
> as it represents a lot of work from our team and from gamers who provided
> tremendous feedback during the beta testing phase. We hope that players
> will enjoy the game, in particular, the battle arenas." He also stated,
> "Through focused surveys and general feedback in our forums, we will
> continue to tap into the creativity of the gaming community to help shape
> the game and its future expansions."
> Phylon combines the fast-paced action of a traditional shooter with the
> persistence and depth of an MMO. Join players from around the world as part
> of the Bloblic Imperium, the Amphibian resistance, or the Terran colonists
> in their struggle for control of the planet Anura. Crush your enemies in
> instanced battle arenas, including Deathmatch and Domination. Advance in
> skill and unlock access to hundreds of unique items, including jet packs,
> energy shields, power-ups, and weapons.
> The new Phylon website features a sleek new look, new video trailers, top
> player leader boards, in-game and game art showcases, forums and much more.
> Founded in May 2005, Rapid Reality Studios is a video game developer located
> in Marietta, Georgia. The team of programmers, artists, and designers is
> dedicated to producing next generation online games. Their passion and
> mission is to make the kind of games you want to play. "There are no suits
> at Rapid Reality: we're gamers."

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