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MINNEAPOLIS, MN, July 31, 2007 – With summer officially in full swing,
Elephant Entertainment and Oberon Media heat up your PC with a
fun-filled slate of new mass-market PC games, including /Big City
Adventure San Francisco, Merriam-Webster’s Spell-Jam, Saints and Sinners
Bingo, Inca Ball, Star Defender III /and /Tennis Titans/. Designed with
the casual gamer in mind, Elephant Entertainment and Oberon Media’s
latest retail lineup is a diverse and fun mix that offers something for

* *

“The mass-market audience encompasses everyone from tech-savvy senior
citizens to boomers looking to recapture their arcade prowess, and our
lineup needs to reflect that diversity,” says Wim Stocks, CEO and
president of Elephant Entertainment. “From brain building spelling bees
to games of chance and arcade classics, we’re bringing to retail the
kinds of games that everyday people can play and enjoy.”

A seek-and-find adventure, /Big City Adventure San Francisco /features
thousands of hidden items and an ever changing list of objectives so no
game is ever the same. Along the way, players will be challenged by 60
exciting mini-games, like jigsaw puzzles and memory challenge.

/Merriam-Webster’s Spell-Jam/ and /Saints and Sinners Bingo/ will bring
out the competitor in everyone. Whether testing their spelling skills on
thousands of words or just trying to spell bingo, these games will have
players coming back again and again.

Arcade classics such as /Inca Ball/ and/ Star Defender III/,/ /as well
/Tennis Titans/, require fast reaction times in order to survive. From
blasting an alien horde or smacking a tennis ball down the line, these
games will have players up and running in no time.

/Big City Adventure San Francisco, Merriam-Webster’s Spell-Jam, Saints
and Sinners Bingo, Inca Ball, Star Defender III /and /Tennis Titans/ are
now available at select retailers for a suggested retail price of
$19.95. For more information, please visit
www.elephant-entertainment.com .

*About Elephant Entertainment*

Elephant Entertainment LLC (_www.elephant-entertainment.com
_) is a publishing company
specializing in bringing innovative game and entertainment content to
the retail marketplace. Elephant Entertainment achieves this via unique
and compelling retail distribution and consumer availability models,
encompassing accessibility both in-store and online. Elephant
Entertainment publishes within the spectrum of gaming experiences --
from casual games to massively multiplayer experiences -- publishing on
all major gaming platforms. Elephant Entertainment is proudly
headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, home of The Replacements, Prince,
Tapes and Tapes, The Minnesota Twins, and Brit’s Pub and Eating
Establishment, with branch offices in Chicago, Seattle, New York City,
Dallas, and London.

**About Oberon Media**

Oberon Media (http://www.oberon-media.com
) is the world's leading casual games
solution provider. The Oberon Game Center platform is the industry
standard and has been adopted by some of the world's largest
corporations. The platform combines casual game content, merchandizing
and features to fulfill each partner's specific needs. Oberon Media's
publishing arm works with the industry's best, award-winning game
developers to produce the top-selling casual games, which can be played
in more than a dozen languages on PC, web-based, mobile and console
platforms. Oberon Media was founded in 2003 and has offices in New York,
Seattle, London, Cyprus, Tel Aviv and Singapore.

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