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/*Virtual World Productions UNVEILS first two media brands Covering
Second Life and World of Warcraft*/

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/*James Root**Named Producer; Tina Courtney Becomes Editor-in-Chief*/

LOS ANGELES (August 13, 2007) - LivePlanet today announced the creation
of Virtual World Productions, Inc., the first media organization focused
on developing media brands to serve the exploding populations of virtual
worlds. Virtual World Productions first two media brands, Grid World
News (www.gridwn.com
and Azeroth World News (www.azerothwn.com
will report on issues important to the Second Life and World of Warcraft
communities, respectively, by gathering and reporting on the news and
information of those worlds.

"The vision of Virtual World Productions is similar to what Rupert
Murdoch, William Randolph Hearst or Ted Turner had for our own world in
the last Century - we will report the goings on of the millions of
inhabitants of these worlds, so that the entire community can be
informed: We are recording history in these worlds, and now, when a
proverbial tree falls in the forest, people will know it happened," said
Keith Quinn, senior vice president, LivePlanet, and co-creator of the

From play-by-play action of the latest Horde versus Alliance battle
within Azeroth, to the first person adventures of a reporter inside the
Mature zone in Second Life, to fashion-forward trends for battling
rogues in World of Warcraft, Virtual World Productions' mission is to be
a diversified media organization, serving as an independent, in-world
source of news and entertainment for the citizens of the virtual worlds
it serves with syndicated content on broad topics to appeal to audiences
beyond virtual worlds.

The media brands will deliver news and information ranging from
hard-hitting and controversial topics to entertaining, tongue-in-cheek
reviews and reporting on the events inside virtual worlds with no
reference to any other game, world, or reality. All coverage will
reflect only the concepts, ideas and events depicted in-world. The
media brands won't offer 'how to play' or game-focused commentary, but
rather news-based, finger-on-the-pulse reporting of in-world activity.

News services will be tailored and branded specifically to each virtual
world, with new media brands to be unveiled in the coming months.

"With millions of citizens populating virtual worlds and more joining
daily, we saw an opportunity to create a news organization to connect
individuals and keep them informed of what's happening in their world,"
said Larry Tanz, president and CEO, LivePlanet. "Virtual World
Productions will create media organizations that serve these virtual
populations with news, information and commerce in the same way that
CNN, Viacom and Fox serve the physical world. Some of these worlds are
bigger than top 20 media markets that support several daily news sources."

James Root has taken the position of new media producer and charged with
creating relationships with companies in-world. Prior to joining
Virtual World Productions, Root was an independent consultant developing
media properties for businesses. He has previously worked with News
Corporation where developing web properties for Fox.com, Foxsports.com
and xfiles.com and also at Microsoft as part of the business development
team for Windows Media. Tina Courtney, formerly with the Walt Disney
Internet Group and 3Jane, an online production boutique, was named
editor-in-chief of Virtual World Productions and will oversee content
development and manage editorial direction for each of the media brands.
Virtual World Productions launches with a staff of 30 in-world journalists.

. Grid World News (www.gridwn.com
aims to be the premier media outlet for Second Life to connect its
growing population of citizens with up to the minute news, trends and
personalities. The publication will also offer a commerce area where
citizens can advertise and sell their goods and services from the latest
fashion accessory to fully built virtual furniture, homes, islands, and
stores. Coverage is written by in-world journalists but submissions by
ordinary citizens is encouraged. News will be updated constantly and
cover current in-world events, personalities, business and entertainment.

. Azeroth World News (www.azerothwn.com
will cater to the nine million World of Warcraft characters and
exclusively report all the news within the universe. Azeroth will
deliver the most current information, gossip, and lore as well as allow
characters to connect with others to adventure together and socialize.
In addition to light-hearted stories like the latest fashions of
Azeroth's fearsome warriors, there will be hard-hitting commentary and
reporting on on-going battles, quests and other activities within the world.

Both Grid World News and Azeroth World News will initially be exclusive
to online


*About LivePlanet*

LivePlanet develops and produces entertainment properties for
traditional as well as digital media distribution platforms, with a
focus on leveraging technology and integrating brands to tell compelling
stories. LivePlanet currently has projects in active stages of
production and development in film, television, broadband and mobile
distribution platforms, working with partners ranging from Yahoo! and
MSN to The Walt Disney Company (film and television divisions), and
NBCUniversal. LivePlanet has also developed entertainment properties
that integrate brands which include Pepsi Co., Sprint, Toyota, and
Magellan. Recent projects include the feature films /Running the Sahara,
Freedom Writers/ and /First Descent/ (Universal), wireless game PhoneTag
(Sprint), /Fan Club: Reality Baseball/ (MSN) and the three-time
Emmy-nominated /Project Greenlight/ (HBO/Bravo, Miramax). The company
is based in Los Angeles, CA.

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