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Super Puzzle Fighter II =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Turbo=AE_HD_Re?=

* Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo® HD Remix * is now available on Xbox
LIVE® Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points. One of the most addictive games
of all time has just gotten better! Capcom's incredibly popular puzzle
game is updated for the new generation with newly created 1080p HD
graphics, several new games modes, improved game balance, new stage
background courtesy of Udon Entertainment, online play and more.

In *Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix*, players compete in intense
versus battles of wit and speed. As a linked pair of gems descends from
the top of the screen, players move and rotate them to form groups and
piles of the same color. By destroying these groups of gems with either
a crash or rainbow gem, players can send counter gems to fall onto their
hapless rival. When the opponent's screen is filled up and no more moves
are available, the player wins the game.


· Three different gameplay options:

o X-Mode: play in classic Puzzle Fighter style

o Y-Mode: gems automatically break when three or more gems of the same
color line up in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally

o Z-Mode: players move a 2x2 cursor around the screen rotating the
positions of the highlighted gems; more gems are added from below,
moving all the current gems toward the top

· Game balance options for X-Mode

o Original X-Mode or a newly rebalanced X' mode that makes every
character a compelling choice

· Counter Gem Edit -- allows players to create their own drop pattern

· Multiple online gameplay options:

o Ranked Match -- using the TrueSkill system players are matched 1-on-1
based on their ranking points

o Player Match -- non-ranked, casual Quarter Match setup allows players
to view ongoing matches and stand by to become the next challenger

· Worldwide rankings and leaderboard

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