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Cake Mania 2 - Fresh From the Oven

Ding! Sandlot Games? Cake Mania 2 Fully Baked and Ready for Play

Sequel to Best Selling Casual Game of 2006 Hits Market

BOTHELL, Wash--Sandlot Games®, a leading developer and publisher of casual
and family-friendly games, today announced the general availability of
Cake Mania 2, the sequel to Cake Mania, Yahoo?s 2006 Casual Game of the
Year and the best selling game of 2006. Free trials of Cake Mania 2 are
now exclusively available at www.sandlotgames.com and the full game can be
purchased for $19.99 (U.S.).

Cake Mania 2 picks up where the original game left off. After spending
most of 2006 working to re-open the Evans Bakery, and sending her
grandparents on an exotic Hawaiian cruise, Jill is ready to make her
long-awaited, triumphant return to PCs everywhere in Cake Mania 2. This
time, players get to decide what new adventures Jill should pursue! Each
exciting choice leads to new baking challenges, as well as new dilemmas,
ultimately resulting in Jill reaching one of six fun-filled endings. For
example, help Jill?s college friend Risha in her posh, Northwestern
rooftop bakery; rescue Jill?s old college flame, Jack, in his underwater
theme park located on the ocean floor; or wind up in 4 other far-flung
bakery locations, each with its own unique layout!

?I?m hooked on Cake Mania, so the release of Cake Mania 2 is just feeding
the appetite I have for this game,? said Melissa Heckman, casual gamer. ?I
can say after playing the new version that this game takes it to another
level. The visuals are clean, the game play is fantastic, and once again
Jill?s character is pure gaming magic.?

Cake Mania 2 also comes with new features, such as branching, non-linear
storylines, 204 levels of cake-baking nirvana and more:

-Customize Jill?s bakeries with 50 unique kitchen upgrades
-Keep Jill on her toes with 18 all-new quirky and demanding customers that
range from Federal Agents to mysterious Aliens
-Play with deliciously different cake styles that have 6 fabulous frostings
-Earn extra cash with 8 wild cake toppers
-Players measure their skills in a new Endless Baking mode

Sandlot Games utilizes a feedback-driven development program for all of
its games. For Cake Mania 2, more than 3,000 people participated in the
beta test of the game. Beta testers can sign up for future game releases
by subscribing to the Sandlot Games newsletter at the company?s website.

?The response to our focus tests was just incredible,? said Daniel
Bernstein, CEO at Sandlot Games. ?We received more download requests and
feedback for Cake Mania 2 than for any other game test in our history.
We?re excited that so many gamers were willing to offer up there time to
play and test what we feel will be a great follow-up to the original.?

Cake Mania fans can also visit the Cake Mania 2 mini-site at
www.cakemania2thegame.com. Here consumers can participate in exclusive
promotions, download free items and content, get the latest tips and
tricks, and find out more about Cake Mania 2 and the unique customers.

About Sandlot Games

Sandlot Games Corporation, headquartered in Bothell, Washington, is the
world?s premier developer and publisher of casual and family-friendly
games. Sandlot Games boasts a captivating portfolio of popular game titles
and franchises including Cake Mania?, Glyph?, Super Granny®, Tradewinds®
and Westward®. Sandlot Games reaches millions of game players worldwide
through a variety of distribution channels including online, PC, PDAs,
handhelds, videogame consoles and mobile phones. Since 2002, more than 100
million games have been downloaded by its loyal fan base. For more
information or to play one of our award winning games, please visit us at

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