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Micro Forte announces Kwari

*Sydney**, AUSTRALIA �C September 5, 2007* - With much speculation over
the last week since its official announcement, Micro Fort��, a leading
Australian developer of MMOs, today announced that its Canberra studio
is the developer contracted by the London based Kwari company for the
development of online-FPS /Kwari/.

Steve Wang �C Head of Studios for Micro Fort�� commented, ��We��re really
excited by the recent announcement of Kwari and even more so to announce
our involvement in bringing this unique game title to the table.��

The Kwari game, which has been developed out of Micro Fort����s Canberra
studio since mid 2006, is being built on BigWorld��s award-winning
Technology Suite, and is due for release later this year. It goes to
show that one can develop an action MMO in under 18 months using the
BigWorld platform.

��Working on Kwari has reinvigorated the act of making games for me,
without sounding crass it really does represent a paradigm shift that is
going to happen sooner or later in gaming whether we like it or not.��
said James Sutherland, Producer for Micro Fort��. ��From a development
perspective the existence of money as the core mechanic means you have
to throw away much of the conventional thinking and start from scratch;
when a health bar suddenly represents real cash the player expectations
change radically and you have to adjust everything accordingly. The
amount of thinking that has gone into each and every subsystem of the
game is far above and beyond anything I have worked on previously during
my time in the industry��

*About Micro Fort�� Pty Ltd*

* *

Established in 1985, Micro Fort�� is one of the most respected and
experienced games companies in Australia, having previously worked with
US Gold, Panasonic/Ripcord, Electronic Arts, Interplay, THQ, Universal
Interactive, Microsoft and now the Kwari company.

Micro Fort�� specialises in MMO game development across its two studios
in Sydney and Canberra for customers of BigWorld Technology,

*About Kwari*

Established in 2006, Kwari is a publisher and developer of skill-based
online interactive entertainment, based around players making money off
each other in real-time. Kwari software is available free to download
and play online. Kwari is an international business, comprising
functional experts and industry veterans. 'Kwari' and 'Cash for Kills'
are trademarks and/or registered of Kwari Limited in the UK and other
territories. The game and software are patent pending. The names of
actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of
their respective owners. All rights reserved. More information about
Kwari is available online at http://www.kwari.com

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