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Halo 3 Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Here's an interesting debate. Matt C. feels that Halo 3 should not be judged harshly just because it is a sequel. In his words, "If it weren't a sequel and were a free standing game, then it would definitely get a 5." In some ways, he's right. But, looking at it the other way, I (Matt S.) think that Halo the first really kicked ass, then Halo 2 was really good but still just more of the same, and now Halo 3 is literally just more of the same and very short. I was disappointed. Sure, it's a great game, but there isn't really any innovation.

What do you think? Is Halo 3 everything it was cracked up to be? Or is it just a few more maps that should be downloaded for free for Halo 2 owners?

Leave a comment and let us know.

Review by Matt Congdon


What is perhaps the most anticipated game ever was finally released. After a staggering 1.7 million presales, Halo 3 is finally in the consumer’s hands. If I had to review this game in one word, it would be "solid."

Halo 3 is very much a sequel, which you should expect when first playing it. I was so full of anticipation that I was almost disappointed with my first Xbox Live match. But I grew to love Halo 3. The guns are sick, the environments are beautiful, and the game play is even more addicting than before.


For this sequel, Bungie has included new gadgets called “equipment.” It's is a blast to fool around with, and can actually can come in handy once in a while. Gravity Lifts are great for sniper games, giving you a better vantage point. Trip mines are work well in levels with a lot of vehicles--Vahalla, for example--and Bubble Shields can help you out in a pinch;,they are spherical shield which surrounds you, where neither gunfire nor grenades can enter or leave but people and vehicles can. This allows you to get creative with your killing[s] and try out a few new things.. A clever man could turn a flamethrower and a bubble shield into a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie BBQ, just set it and forget it! Some equipment is pretty pointless, though--for example, the Regenerator (your shields regenerate regardless). But mostly, these gadgets make every online game unique.


The new guns are a boatload of fun. Ripping turrets off their hinges and chasing down people is true psychotic bliss. Most guns have been retooled to be more effective in certain situations; but of course, some are more effective than others. (Bungie claims to have balanced the weapons, but I really don’t see it.) The best close-range gun is the flamethrower; the best medium-range is the spiker, and the best long-range is the battle rifle. Of course, a smack to back of the head is still the best way to take out your co-op partner.
Matchmaking is pretty much flawless. You can get into games quickly, and you get a very detailed stat report after the action. Now you also can customize your armor when you unlock new items through good play. These are unlocked by how many achievement points you have in Halo 3. it’s another way to set yourself apart from the other people online. My one complaint about online is the new version of the Rumble Pit, Lone Wolves. This used to be my favorite type of game to play; now only 4 to 6 people are allowed in a game, which prevents the craziness of 8 people fragging the crap out of each other.

Campaign mode, simply put, is nice. You can now play online with up to 4 other people. My recommendation is to play through the campaign mode cooperatively with one person, on legendary difficulty mode or just alone. 4 people is way too easy and you can blow through any difficulty with ease. . on the legendary difficulty setting, every enemy is a challenge, every jackal can hit headshots around 75% of the time, and every brute won’t hesitate to try that Chuck Norris jump attack to your face. When you're beating that tough section, after you headshot that tenacious brute with your last sniper bullet, don’t be surprised if you scream out, “Who's the man?” Beating Halo 3 on legendary certainly gives you that feeling of accomplishment that few games can rival.


You must use cover effectively, ammo conservatively, and equipment wisely if you stand to even beat the first levels. Don’t count on the marines or the arbiter to help you, because they suck at everything: They can’t shoot, drive or wipe their own asses. The only thing the arbiter is good at is dying. It would have been nice to have partners similar to those in Gears of War. Maybe Halo 4?
Halo 3 has been on everyone’s "most wanted game" list for years now. It shouldn’t be missed by either hardcore or casual gamers; it's a terrific example of the next-gen power and potential of the 360, and video games today. Go buy it, if you haven’t already. What are you waiting for?

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