Super-Ego Games Unveils Rat Race

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First-Ever Episodic Game for the PLAYSTATION(r)3 Set to Deliver New,
> Innovative Comedy Adventure Experience for the Next Generation Audience
> New York, NY -- October 16, 2007 - Super-Ego Games today announces the
> company's first title, Rat Race, an original comedy adventure franchise.
> Rat Race will be the first-ever episodic game for the PLAYSTATION(r)3
> (PS3(tm)) and will be distributed as individual episodes that can be
> purchased and downloaded via the PlayStation(r)Network.
> "We believe that next-gen gamers seek new and innovative game titles,
> and Rat Race is just that," says Greg Easley, Co-founder and President,
> Super-Ego Games. "Rat Race represents a completely new take on the
> adventure genre, combining it with living, breathing characters and
> TV-quality comedy writing. The game delivers what action gamers want,
> but it also has funny, engaging dialogue, well-conceived characters and
> a comedic story that really hooks people."
> Rat Race drops players in the shoes of Tina Brooks, an ambitious brand
> manager at BiggCo, the massive consumer products company whose slogan,
> "Making the world a better place," couldn't be any more cynical. Tina
> quickly discovers that "business as usual" means an unending series of
> wacky, over-the-top, and wildly inappropriate situations. It's up to the
> player to outsmart, outwit, and sometime outrun co-workers and
> upper-management in a set of hilarious scenarios created by some of New
> York City's best comedy writers.
> Super-Ego Games has developed a series of innovative proprietary
> technologies to bring the Rat Race world to life. From dynamic
> conversations to non-linear scripting to advanced character AI systems,
> Rat Race represents a rethinking of how videos games are developed; with
> its distinct sense of story and character development, the title will
> help establish episodic games as a new form of interactive
> entertainment.
> Players will explore an array of highly detailed environments, from the
> cube farm to the animal testing lab to the happy hour bar. Through a
> combination of quick wit and action skills, players will diffuse
> political bombs and steer through outrageous situations scripted and
> voiced by NYC-based comedians with credits on Saturday Night Live,
> Chappelle's Show, Late Night with Conan O'Brian, Flight of the Concords,
> Ugly Betty, Sex in the City, My Name Is Earl, and more. Each episode
> will introduce new characters and locations, as well as new storylines
> and gameplay mechanics.
> Rat Race is currently in development by Super-Ego Games. The first
> episode is scheduled for release this Winter.
> About Super-Ego Games
> Super-Ego Games, founded in 2001, has offices in San Francisco and New
> York City, with 35 employees. The company's mission is to create a new
> generation of character-driven interactive entertainment products across
> game consoles, television and the Internet. Super-Ego is currently
> working on Rat Race, an original property that will be the first
> episodic game available for the Sony PLAYSTATION(r)3 Entertainment
> System. Rat Race will feature carefully conceived storylines and
> lifelike, fully interactive characters. Super-Ego has previously worked
> with Mattel and Activision prior to working with Sony. The official
> homepage of Super Ego is www.superegogames.com
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