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Activision Rocks in the Holiday Season with a Stellar Line-up for Gamers of All Ages

Santa Monica, CA - December 5, 2007 - Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) is
> making wishes come true this holiday season with games for kids of all
> ages and interests from the top brands in interactive entertainment
> including Call of Duty(r) 4: Modern Warfare(tm) and Guitar Hero(r) III:
> Legends of Rock to games based on such blockbuster movie hits as
> "TRANSFORMERS," Sony Pictures Entertainment's Columbia Pictures and
> Marvel Studios' "Spider-Man 3," and DreamWorks Animation's "Bee
> Movie(tm)" and "Shrek the Third(tm)."
> Titles Based on Top Brands in Interactive Entertainment:
> Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare -- The new action-thriller from the
> award-winning team at Infinity Ward, the creators of the Call of Duty(r)
> series, delivers the most intense and cinematic action experience ever.
> Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare arms gamers with an arsenal of advanced
> and powerful modern day firepower and transports them to the most
> treacherous hotspots around the globe to take on a rogue enemy group
> threatening the world. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is available for
> the Xbox 360(tm) video game and entertainment system from Microsoft,
> PLAYSTATION(r) 3 computer entertainment system and Windows(r) PC and is
> rated "M" for Mature.
> Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock -- Fire up the fretboard, crank up the
> amp and get ready to rock like never before. Guitar Hero III: Legends
> of Rock offers the ultimate rock experience with new wireless guitars,
> freshly added content and features including a multiplayer
> action-inspired battle mode, grueling boss battles, a host of exclusive
> unlockable content and visually stunning rock venues. Expanded online
> multiplayer modes allow axe-shredders worldwide to compete head-to-head
> for true rock status as they riff through a star-studded soundtrack
> including master tracks by legendary artists such as Aerosmith, Guns 'N'
> Roses, The Rolling Stones, Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine and
> Pearl Jam, as well as original songs by guitar icons Slash and Tom
> Morello. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is now available for the Xbox
> 360(r)video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Wii(tm) home
> video game system from Nintendo, PLAYSTATION(r)3 computer entertainment
> system, and PlayStation(r)2 computer entertainment system, and is rated
> "T" for Teen by the ESRB.
> Tony Hawk's Proving Ground -- In the largest and deepest Tony Hawk game
> yet, gamers are now in total control of their skating destiny in Tony
> Hawk's Proving Ground. Set in the streets of Baltimore, Philadelphia
> and Washington, D.C., the title empowers players with the freedom to
> define their character, story and style based on the choices they make,
> the paths they select and the style of skating they want. Tony Hawk's
> Proving Ground is available for the Xbox 360(tm) video game and
> entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION(r)3 computer
> entertainment system, Wii*, PlayStation*2 computer entertainment system
> and the Nintendo DS* and is rated "T" for Teen.
> Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars(tm) -- Set within the expansive QUAKE
> universe in the year 2065, id Software's Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars
> offers the ultimate in objective-based multiplayer action, either online
> or offline with computer controlled players. Up to 24 gamers can play
> online, electing to play as the human GDF or alien Strogg in one of five
> unique character classes and employ an arsenal of weapons, vehicles and
> deployable armaments for an action-packed test of skill and coordinated
> teamwork through a series of combat objectives. Enemy Territory: QUAKE
> Wars is available for Windows PC is rated "T" for Teen.
> Titles Based on Blockbuster Movies:
> Bee Movie(tm) Game -- Based on DreamWorks Animation's hit movie from
> creator Jerry Seinfeld, Bee Movie Game allows players to race, chase,
> fly and blast their way through the adrenaline-fuelled world from the
> feature film and beyond. As the witty and courageous Barry B. Benson,
> gamers are propelled on an exciting adventure to save the bee's right to
> produce honey. Bee Movie Game is available for the Xbox 360(tm) video
> game system from Microsoft, PlayStation*2 computer entertainment system,
> Nintendo Wii* and DS* and Games for Windows(r). The game is rated "E"
> for Everyone.
> Shrek the Third(tm) -- In the Shrek the Third video game, players
> adventure as Shrek(r) and friends to save Far Far Away in a hilariously
> twisted fairy tale from the movie and beyond. Gamers assume the role of
> their favorite characters from the film - Shrek, Donkey, Puss-in-Boots,
> Fiona, Artie and Sleeping Beauty - and embark on an all-new adventure to
> save the land from the evil clutches of Prince Charming. Shrek the
> Third is available for the Xbox 360(tm) video game system from
> Microsoft, Nintendo Wii*, PlayStation*2 computer entertainment system,
> PSP* (PlayStation* Portable) system and Windows(r) PC and are rated
> "E10+" for Everyone 10 and older. The Nintendo DS(tm) and Game Boy*
> Advance versions of the game are rated "E" for Everyone.
> Shrek(r): Ogres and Dronkeys(tm) -- Shrek: Ogres and Dronkeys gives
> handheld gamers the chance to train, play and explore with Shrek and
> Fiona's adorable triplets and Donkey and Dragon's playful offspring, the
> Dronkeys. Once ready, players use the mischievous youngsters' newly
> learned skills and talents to embark on an exciting journey of puzzle
> solving and mini-game mayhem throughout the hilarious world of Shrek.
> The game is available for the Nintendo DS* and is rated "E" for
> Everyone.
> Spider-Man(tm) 3 -- Based on Sony Pictures Entertainment's Columbia
> Pictures' blockbuster feature film, Spider-Man 3 allows players to
> experience the actions of heroic red-suited Spider-Man and, for the
> first time ever, his darker, more mysterious black-suited persona. Set
> in a larger, dynamic, free-roaming New York City, the game gives players
> the freedom to choose their own gameplay experience through multiple
> movie-based and original storylines, fully integrated city missions and
> performance rewards including improved speed, combat maneuvers and
> agility. Spider-Man 3 is available for the Xbox 360(tm) video game
> system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION(r) 3 computer entertainment system,
> Windows(r) PC, Nintendo Wii*, PlayStation*2 computer entertainment
> system, and PSP* and is rated "T" for Teen. The Nintendo DS* and Game
> Boy* Advance versions are rated "E10+" for Everyone 10 and older.
> Spider-Man(tm): Friend or Foe -- Inspired by the Spider-Man film trilogy
> and the classic Spider-Man(tm) comics, Spider-Man: Friend or Foe was
> designed for younger Spider-Man fans and challenges them to defeat and
> then join forces with notorious movie nemeses including Doc Ock, Green
> Goblin, Venom and Sandman, as they embark on an epic quest to overcome a
> worldwide evil threat. Spider-Man: Friend or Foe is available for the
> Xbox 360(tm) video game system from Microsoft, Nintendo Wii*,
> PlayStation*2 computer entertainment system, Nintendo DS*, PSP* and
> Windows(r) PC and is rated "E10+" for Everyone 10 and older.
> TRANSFORMERS: The Game -- Based on Hasbro's TRANSFORMERS property and
> the blockbuster live-action feature film from DreamWorks Pictures and
> Paramount Pictures, TRANSFORMERS: The Game lets gamers control the
> outcome in the battle for Earth as they choose to protect it as AUTOBOTS
> or destroy it as DECEPTICONS. The game is available for the Xbox
> 360(tm) video game system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION(r) 3 computer
> entertainment system, Nintendo Wii*, PlayStation*2 computer
> entertainment system, Windows(r) PC and is rated "T" for Teen. The
> Nintendo DS* and PSP* games are rated "E10+" for Everyone 10 and older.
> About Spider-Man Merchandising, L.P.
> Spider-Man Merchandising, L.P. is a 50/50 limited partnership comprised
> of Marvel Entertainment, Inc. and Sony Pictures Consumer Products, Inc.
> The partnership oversees all of the licensing and merchandising
> activities for the Columbia Pictures Spider-Man(tm) feature films as
> well as the Sony Pictures Television's animated series entitled "The
> Spectacular Spider-Man," all based on the Marvel characters.
> About HPG
> HPG, the licensing division of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS), translates one
> of the industry's richest portfolios of brands into a world of fun and
> excitement for children and adults globally. Through a host of
> publishing, digital media, lifestyle and entertainment platforms, HPG is
> able to surround fans worldwide with consumer products that expand
> Hasbro's core brands, such as TRANSFORMERS, LITTLEST PET SHOP, MY LITTLE
> About HASBRO
> Hasbro (NYSE: HAS) is a worldwide leader in children's and family
> leisure time entertainment products and services, including the design,
> manufacture and marketing of games and toys ranging from traditional to
> high-tech. Both internationally and in the U.S., its PLAYSKOOL, TONKA,
> and products provide the highest quality and most recognizable play
> experiences in the world.
> About id Software
> id - defined by Freud as the primal section of the human psyche; id
> Software, located in Mesquite, Texas, was founded in 1991. From
> inception to present day, id Software has relentlessly provided
> technical, design and artistic leadership as an independent game
> developer and technology provider. Transcending the games industry, id's
> iconic brands such as Wolfenstein, DOOM, QUAKE and Enemy Territory have
> become staples of popular culture for generations of gamers. More
> information on id Software can be found at www.idsoftware.com
> > tware.com> .
> About Activision, Inc.
> Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Activision, Inc. is a leading
> worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive
> entertainment and leisure products. Founded in 1979, Activision posted
> net revenues of $1.5 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2007.
> Activision maintains operations in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom,
> France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands,
> Australia, Japan and South Korea. More information about Activision and
> its products can be found on the company's World Wide Web site, which is
> located at www.activision.com .
> Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-looking Statements: Information in
> this press release that involves Activision's expectations, plans,
> intentions or strategies regarding the future are forward-looking
> statements that are not facts and involve a number of risks and
> uncertainties. In this release they are identified by references to
> dates after the date of this release and words such as "will," "will
> be," "remains," "to be," "plans," "believes", "may", "expects,"
> "intends," and similar expressions. These risks and uncertainties
> include, but are not limited to, sales of Activision's titles, shifts in
> consumer spending trends, the seasonal and cyclical nature of the
> interactive game market, Activision's ability to predict consumer
> preferences among competing hardware platforms (including
> next-generation hardware), declines in software pricing, product returns
> and price protection, product delays, retail acceptance of Activision's
> products, adoption rate and availability of new hardware and related
> software, industry competition, rapid changes in technology and industry
> standards, protection of proprietary rights, maintenance of
> relationships with key personnel, customers, vendors and third-party
> developers, international economic and political conditions, integration
> of recently acquired subsidiaries and identification of suitable future
> acquisition opportunities, limitations on our ability to issue stock and
> options and foreign exchange rate changes. Other factors that could
> cause Activision's actual future results to differ materially from those
> expressed in the forward-looking statements set forth in this release
> include, without limitation, the further implementation, acceptance and
> effectiveness of the remedial measures recommended or adopted by the
> special sub-committee of independent directors established in July 2006
> to review Activision's historical stock option granting practices, the
> board and Activision; the outcome of the SEC's formal investigation and
> the derivative litigation filed in July 2006 against certain current and
> former directors and officers of Activision relating to Activision's
> stock option granting practices, the possibility that additional claims
> and proceedings will be commenced, including additional stockholder
> litigation, employee litigation, and additional action by the SEC and/or
> other regulatory agencies, other litigation (unrelated to stock option
> granting practices), and the risks identified in Activision's most
> recent annual report on Form 10-K and recent reports on Form 8-K. The
> forward-looking statements in this release are based upon information
> available to Activision as of the date of this release, and Activision
> assumes no obligations to update any such forward-looking statement.
> Forward-looking statements believed to be true when made may ultimately
> prove to be incorrect. These statements are not guarantees of future
> performance and are subject to risks, uncertainties and other factors,
> some of which are beyond our control and may cause actual results to
> differ materially from our current expectations.

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