DMC4 Demos coming this week!

Warm those broadband connections. The Devil May Cry® 4 playable demo
hits both the PLAYSTATION®Store and Xbox LIVE® Marketplace this
Thursday, January 24, 2008. Devil May Cry 4 has been rated M for Mature
by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB).

The demo introduces gamers to the gothic-inspired supernatural world of
Devil May Cry 4, new protagonist Nero and the awesome power of his Devil
Bringer. The demo consists of a sampling of sections from the full
game, chosen to showcase Devil May Cry 4's varied locales, allowing
gamers to familiarize themselves with Nero's unique abilities. Players
will receive instruction on the various new actions that the Devil
Bringer bestows, such as the ability to slam creatures to the ground,
cover great distances in a single bound or even grab enemies while on
the ground or in the air and pull them towards Nero to continue an
attack combo. The Exceed system allows Nero to "rev up" his sword as if
it were a motorcycle throttle and unleash devastating attacks. Players
will need to master all these techniques before the end-of-demo showdown
with the mighty Berial.

Fully demonstrating the power of the next generation of consoles, the
Devil May Cry 4 demo brings to life the coastal city of Fortuna and its
surroundings in exquisite detail, such as the port and the snow-capped
mountain ranges. Devil May Cry 4 delivers its intense action at a
constant 60 frames per second at 720P resolution on HD monitors,
ensuring seamless and breathtaking gameplay in stunning high definition.

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