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Razer Lauches LAN Party Sponsorship program

Launching this January, Razer™ is proud to announce the debut of the
Razer LAN Party Sponsorship program, a new initiative to support the
global gaming scene and help gamers connect within their community to
meet new friends, teammates and even rivals.

Razer’s LAN Party Sponsorship Program is open to all gamers interested
in running a LAN event. We strongly encourage all organizers of LAN
events to check out the sponsorship program and work with Razer to make
their party a Razer-sanctioned LAN party.

As part of the benefits of running a Razer-sanctioned LAN party,
organizers who register with Razer are eligible to receive a load of
administrative gear to turn their LAN event into a truly electrifying
experience. Each package will come with posters, gaming marshal
t-shirts, lanyards, case wraps and other items to decorate your event
and help officiate the party to make it an enjoyable event for all of
your attendees.

In addition, Razer will be supplying qualified LAN parties with
attractive prizes that include nothing less than Razer’s own
cutting-edge gaming peripherals and gear. The top gamers at your event
have a chance to win bonafide Razer schwag, Razer apparel and even one
of Razer’s latest award-winning gaming mice.

To top it all off, Razer will be looking for the most sensational LAN
parties to feature on the Razer web site, allowing gamers from all over
the world to witness and take part in these gaming events no matter
where they are.

For more information on Razer’s LAN party sponsorship program and to
learn how to participate, visit lanparty.razerzone.com

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