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GHskinz Launches New DS PSP iPod iPhone and Console Skins

Guitar and Peripheral Skins Manufacturer, GHSkinz.com Launches Handheld
> Skins Line
> Decorative Skins for Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, iPhone and More Now
> Available at www.GHSkinz.com
> Macomb, Mich. May 28, 2008 - GHskinz.com, a designer and manufacturer
> of skins that replicate real life guitars for games like Guitar Hero
> and Rock Band, announced today that it has added skins for handheld
> gaming systems and the iPhone to its lineup. The new products, which
> are now available at www.GHSKinz.com for an estimated retail price of
> $4.49 each include over 20 different designs for each of the following
> systems: Nintendo DS Lite, Sony PSP, Apple iPod Touch MP3 Player and
> the Apple iPhone. Consumers who purchase an iPhone skin will also
> receive a link to download the matching Background image for their
> phone. Consumers who purchase a Sony PSP skin will receive a link to
> download a matching background image for their phone and also a Clear
> Screen Protector.
> "Handheld gaming systems and cell phones have become a big part of our
> everyday lives so it makes sense that people would want to customize
> something that they have with them at all times," said Matt Witek,
> Co-founder of GHskinz.com. "Our new skins for the DS, PSP, iPhone and
> more offer people a chance to give their accessories a bit of personal
> style and flair."
> The company also recently released its first home console skins for the
> Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 and offers several lines of real life rock
> star inspired guitar skins including a series called "ROCKIN WILD"
> which is based on guitars used by Zack Wylde, as well as a full line
> of classic American burst guitar skins including Sun, Blue, Cherry,
> Silver and more. GHskinz.com also offers a full line of drum skins for
> the Rock Band drums and a full line of Rockin' accessories including
> guitar stands, guitar straps, mic stands, mic covers & drum sticks.
> These products are all available at GHskinz.com.
> In addition to the GHskinz.com replica designs available on their web
> site, GHskinz.com also works with celebrities and rock bands on tour
> to design, manufacture and package customized products.
> For more information about GHskinz.com and its products visit
> www.GHskinz.com.

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