Sandbox Summit Advisory Board Announced

Sandbox Summit

Experts tapped to help reshape conversation about play and learning

*TIMONIUM, MD, May 13, 2008 * -- Sandbox Summit, the organization
created to explore how technology is affecting the ways kids play, learn
and connect in today’s digital world, has announced the formation of its
first Advisory Board. The announcement comes as summer, the unofficial
season of play, is about to begin. Drawing from a variety of fields, the
roster of accomplished professionals includes academics, educators,
policy makers and toy developers.

*The Sandbox Summit 2008 Advisory Board members include:*

* *Warren Buckleitner*, Ph.D., Editor, Children’s Technology Review
* *Jane Clark Chermayeff*, President, Jane Clark Chermayeff &
Associates, LLC
* *David Elkind, Ph.D.*, Professor Emeritus of Child Development at
Tufts University, Author, /The Hurried Child/
* *Judy Ellis*, Founder and Chair, Department of Toy Design, Fashion
Institute of Technology
* *Jim Engle*, President, Little Kids, Inc.
* *Ellen Galinsky*, President, Co-founder, Families and Work Institute
* *Richard Gallagher*, Ph.D., Director of Special Projects,
Institute of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity and Behavior
Disorders; Assistant Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,
NYU Child Study Center
* *Stephen Gass*, President, Every Baby Company, Inc.
* *Lisa Guernsey*, Journalist and Author/, Into the Minds of Babes/
* *Andy Kaplan*, CFO, DonorsChoose.org
* *Alexandra Kennedy*, Vice President, Editorial Director for
/FamilyFun/ and /Wondertime/ magazines, Disney Publishing Worldwide
* *Michael H. Levine*, Ph.D., Executive Director, Joan Ganz Cooney
Center at Sesame Workshop
* *Scot Osterweil*, Creative Director, MIT Education Arcade
* *Mitchel Resnick*, Professor of Learning Research, MIT Media Lab
* *Nancy Schulman*, Director, 92nd Street Y Nursery School
* *Joe Saldutti*, President, Head Start Capital
* *Peggy Healy Stearns, Ph.D.*, Children’s Software Designer and
* *Teri Weiss*, Senior Vice President of Production & Development,
Nickelodeon Preschool Television
* *Alice Wilder, Ed.D., *Co-creator,Think It, Ink It and Publishing
and Head of Research and Education, PBS Super Why!

/For more about our Advisory Board visit:/

"The need for an ongoing national conversation around the influence of
technology on our children became very clear at the first Sandbox
Summit,” stated Alix Kennedy, Vice President, Editorial Director for
/FamilyFun/ and /Wondertime/ magazines, Disney Publishing Worldwide.
“Technology has afforded a wealth of opportunities, from the educational
to the social, but it has also brought a host of complications, and all
if it - the good and the bad - should be understood and debated by
parents, educators, and technologists."

The inaugural conference, Sandbox Summit: /A Playdate with Technology/,
held at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) garnered
industry kudos and international attention. The next conference, Sandbox
Summit: /The New Playing Fields/, will be held on September 24, 2008 in
New York City. This event will focus on the multiple platforms kids are
using to play, learn and communicate in their everyday lives.

As more and more actions and interactions by and between children are
rooted in technology, the way kids play and the “toys” they play
with---from babys’ touch pads to sophisticated cell phones---are
changing. /The New Playing Fields/ will not only delve into the new
types of play, but also debate how effectively techno-enhanced tools
teach kids basic skills such as problem solving and critical thinking.

“Self-initiated play is neither a waste of time nor a luxury, but
rather, a fundamental way in which children gain basic intellectual,
emotional and social skills,” states David Elkind, Ph.D., Professor
Emeritus of Child Development at Tufts University, and author of /The
Hurried Child. “/If we distort the opportunities for free play, we’re
depriving children of learning what they cannot acquire in any other way.”

“Look in any kid’s room---from the nursery to the college dorm—and
you’ll see how technology fills up their space,” observes toy industry
expert and Sandbox Summit cofounder Wendy Smolen. “Kids want and expect
their toys and tools to be state of the art. We want to make sure that
what we give them makes them active users of technology, rather than
passive consumers.”

“We’ve crossed the digital Rubicon,” said Claire Green, President of
Parents’ Choice Foundation, and cofounder of the Sandbox Summit. “It is
in the interest of businesses, educators, and consumers–both children
and parents–to make sure that the techno-charged activities that absorb
our children provide them with the kind of open-ended experiences that
stimulate creative and critical thinking.”

For further information about the Sandbox Summit, log on to

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