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Thai Teen Claims GTA Made Him Do It

In yet another ridiculous story, a 19 year old Thai man apparently attacked and killed a cab driver and then told police he did because he wanted to reenact a scene from GTA IV. The story is on GamePolitics and honestly the whole thing sounds fishy to me. Fishy in a number of ways. First of all, if you can't tell the difference between a game and reality it seems unlikely that you would even make it to 19. Second of all, it is well known that the Thai government is censorship heavy. They've been talking about banning "unacceptable" video games for years. I know it sounds a bit X-Files, but the conspiracy theory makes a lot of sense to me. It seems quite possible that a teen attacked a cabbie, got arrested, and the political machine forced him to make a statement that he did it because of GTA. And voila, now there is "just cause" to ban video games in Thailand.

There's a better account of it on Reuters that has more facts. The follow up story on Reuters talks about stores pulling the game from shelves.

The youth, Polwat Chino, was described as polite and diligent by his parents. His friends say that he played a lot of GTA IV. He apparently stabbed the cabbie when he tried to fight back during the robbery.

Now this is what makes me think that it is a conspiracy. Polwat was photographed in a clean white t-shirt immediately following the stabbing. I have to admit that I've never stabbed anyone, but I suspect that it would be difficult to stab someone 10 times and then push his body aside and sit in his seat without getting blood on yourself. Think about it.

So now the Thai government gets an excuse to ban violent video games and regulate the hours of arcades, and a 19 year old faces a lethal injection. I'm not saying they staged the whole thing, but there is definitely something weird going on with this. I think that it is more than coincidence that the outcome plays directly into the Thai government's hands.

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