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Gaming News: Ignition Entertainment Bringing Tornado to Nintendo

June 13, 2008 - Glendale, Calif. - Ignition Entertainment, a UTV
Enterprise and worldwide publisher and developer of videogames,
announced today that they have partnered with developer Success to bring
Tornado to North America, exclusively for Nintendo DS^(TM).

Tornado lets players join forces with Toki and the other members of the
Cosmic Cleaners as they set out to restore all of Earth's buildings,
vehicles, inhabitants and other obscure objects that have been stolen by
the envious Prince using his mischievous "Black Hole Device." Using a
combination of stylus and microphone activated controls, players will
travel across Planet 69 as they level up and max out their "Tornado
Machines" to literally uproot everything in their paths in effort to
take back what Prince has wrongfully stolen and return it to Earth.

"After the successes of Zoo Keeper on DS, we at Ignition Entertainment
are thrilled be working with the talented team over at Success once
again," said Ajay Chadha, President of Ignition Entertainment. "Their
skill at developing fun and creative games has never ceased to amaze us."

Aside from featuring a fun-filled and action-packed Story Mode, Tornado
also offers several other modes of gameplay including:

* Arcade Mode, where players can go back to levels that they have
completed in Story Mode to wreak havoc and pickup item that were
previously missed.

* Battle Mode, in which players can challenge a friend wirelessly
and go head-to-head in a bout of mutual collecting.

* Bonus Mode, where players can view everything they've collected in
Story and Arcade modes and listen to the soundtrack pieces they've

For more information please visit www.ignitionusa.com

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