Live Musical PerformancesOpen and Close 2008 Flashforward Conference and Film Festival

September 23, 2008—San Francisco,CA—The 2008Flashforward Conference and Film Festival opened and closed with speakers usingmusic to illustrate, illuminate, and inspire this community of Flash designersand developers.The annualconference, the longest-running and largest gathering of the Flash community,opened with an inspiring outsider, Miha Pogacnik, illustrating career arcs usingthe process of learning and performing a musical piece. Pogacnik set the tonefor the conference—inspiring, opening boundaries, and interacting with industryleaders, who set the boundaries, and then breaking and expanding thoseboundaries. The three-day event closed with an industry Tech Slam culminating ina live performance by Matt Maxwell. Maxwell performed “ActionScript LongPreloader Song” a musical number with an iPhone as backup to an encore-demandingcrowd, closing the conference with a community-insider’s humor. (Both songsperformed by Maxwell can be viewed on YouTube.)

Pogacnik’s presentation andperformance used music to trace the human journey. While playing a violinPogacnik deconstructed the music helping the audience to understand theperformance journey. The result—how to ask where am I in the journey, where isit taking me, and where do I wish to go? The key lesson? Individuals need toanalyze their work, path, and journey as part of an ongoing process. Accordingto Pogacnik, doing so allows individuals to learn about themselves, track theirprogress, and plan their path preventing burnout and opening their minds to newideas.
Creative highlightsfrom the conference included Erik Natzke’s presentation of his commercial andpersonal work. Natzke considered one of the top Flash design and developers bythe Flash community was dubbed a “Flash Artist” by the audience. An additionalhighlight, unknown to most attendees, included the background content running onthe main stage. All of the big screen applications used to run the main stage,and viewed daily by the audience, including the Applause-O-Meter createdspecifically for Flashforward, were Flash-drivenapplications.
This year’s conference included alarger-than-normal number of first-time Flashforward attendees, reflecting thefresh new designers and developers joining the industry to fill the large numberof open positions. An increase in both global conference attendees and globalsubmissions for the Flashforward Film Festival also reflected the growth of theindustry and of the new global nature of the community.

Planning for Flashforward2009 isin progress. Announcements for location and themes for the next event areexpected in early 2009.

Aboutthe Flashforward Conference and Film Festival
Flashforward is thelongest-running and largest Adobe®Flash™ user conference inthe world. Flashforward2008 San Francisco, entering its ninth year, is athree-day event filled with sessions led by the world's leading Flashprofessionals, offering education, best practices, and inspirational casestudies in Flash, Flex, ActionScript, and AIR. Flashforward2008 San Francisco,developed and produced by Beau Ambur, in cooperation with the team at Metaliq,includes the international Flashforward Film Festival and Awards ceremony and aFlash-related industry Expo Hall and community center with opportunities for theentire Flash community to network and share knowledge. August 20-22, 2008NobHillMasonicCenter,San Francisco.

For more informatio n www.flashforwardconference.com

Flashforward Sponsors
Flashforward2008 San Franciscois supported byAdobe,Metaliq, 24 Seven, Academy of Art, ArtisanCreative, Aquent, Electrotank, FlashEff, FILTER, lynda.com, Permission TV,Powerflasher Multimedia, Rackspace, R/GA, Walt Disney Internet Group, Xuinet,Yahoo! Developers Network,andYouTube.Media PartnersincludeActionscript.org, Flash&Flex Developers Magazine, IdN world,netdiver.net,productionHUB.com, Ribbit Films, and Stashmagazine.

For more information www.flashforwardconference.com/sponsors

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