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Exciting New IP's from Electronic Arts this Spring


This music-based rhythm-action adventure is an original intellectual property created for 7-11 year old boys and girls. In Zubo, players enter the world of Zubalon to help the colorful and zany characters, the Zubos, defeat an evil force which is bent on world domination. Players can befriend the Zubos they meet along the way, feed and nurture them, help them gain skills and strength, and assist them in their battles with the enemy, the dastardly Zombos. Available exclusively for the Nintendo DS™ handheld system in March 2009.

Platforms: Nintendo DS

Rated: E for Everyone

Release: March 2009

Category: Comedy Action Adventure

Ages: Boys & Girls 7-11

Price: TBD


Love puzzle games, but also love an adventure? Now you can have both in one game with Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, an exclusive Nintendo DS adventure-puzzle game that adds a new element of fun by combining the action of an adventure game with the challenge of a puzzle game all in one. Explore five exotic worlds, fight a variety of opponents, and venture through more than 30 levels and nearly a dozen hidden levels while taking on outrageous world-ending bosses.

Platforms: Nintendo DS

Rated: Rating Pending

Release: Early Spring 2009

Category: Puzzle/Adventure

Ages: All ages, namely Boys & Girls 6-16

Price: TBD

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