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Paramount Digital Entertainment Previews and Reviews

I met with Paramount Digital Entertainment a short while ago in the Viacom building in midtown Manhattan. I only mention the place because there was a huge line to check in with security when you enter the building. I waited on the line for about 10 minutes along with everyone else. Then some dick walks up to the front of the line and steps in front of me. I said, "Excuse me, Sir. Are you aware that there is a line here?" and he said "Yes" and then proceeded to speak to the guard anyway. I decided the fastest way to handle it was to just let it go and the guard did thank me for it afterwards, but if you are that guy then you should know that EVERYONE on that line thought you were a dick.

StarTrek DAC is for the Xbox 360 as downloadable content for 800 pts. It will come out on PSN and PC later. It's sort of a retro style top down shooter, an arcade space game. It's just plain fun and doesn't have anything to do with the movie really. There's a team mode where two teams of six players each compete. You can play co-op or solo where you have an AI team and AI enemy. There are a bunch of game modes like team deathmatch, conquest, etc and four different maps. You duke it out as Federation or Romulan. There's some strategy involved and some button mashing. It's fun and easy to play.


The Warriors Street Brawl
- This game is straight on button mashing fun. It reminds me of Street Fighter, a side scrolling brawler. Up to 4 players online or using a single Xbox 360 can play at once and it is fu-un. I'm actually under NDA about gameplay until July so I can't give away anything specific. The story is told through a comic book look and feel and then you pretty much fight your way through town. I would imagine this would be great fun with a bunch of friends hanging out and drinking beer. BTW, it's the 30th anniversary of the film in July 2009.


Top Gun was there for iPhone and iTouch. It was pretty cool. There's a whole story line for fans of the movie. As if the world is full of fans of the movie who are dying to play a flight game on their iPhone and iTouch...But using the device as a flight stick is pretty cool. There are 10 missions. The soundtrack was good - including Danger Zone - the whole thing is by Paper and Sand. You get a lot of guns and ammo so it's fun to fly around and blow stuff up. It's $1.99 on the app store.


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