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PRSA T3PR: How to Relate to Bloggers Round Table

Last week I was on a panel discussion at T3PR a one day event held by PRSA about how to use high tech for PR campaigns. It was an interesting panel discussion with Carolyn Mcarthy of CNET and Peter Kafka of AllThingsDigital.

I tried to answer questions informatively. Most of what we talked about was how we like to be contacted and how best to work with us. This is important stuff. The rules of the game have changed over the past 3-4 years. Blogging is time sensitive and communications with bloggers must be as well.

Here are a few clips of me speaking during the panel. I tried to distill the hour down into but a few seconds.

Audio clip of Matt Sarrel talking about what makes a good PR website.

Audio clip of Matt Sarrel explaining why embargoes are important.

Audio clip of Matt Sarrel talking about the frequency of email PR pitches.

Audio clip of Matt Sarrel musing on the changes in the job of a journalist now that blogging has risen in popularity.

Audio clip of Matt Sarrel talking about what works and what doesn't for an email pitch.

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