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Namco Bandai Fall Preview

Tekken 6 for PS3 was the centerpiece of the day for me. The game ships with 40 playable characters, many old and some new. That’s right, there are no characters to unlock – you get it all from the get go. The game runs at a full 1080p and looked pretty damn sweet. The environment is destructible and you can use it to your benefit. A new thing is Rage Mode where when you are about to die you become much stronger. This ensures that all battles are exciting up to the end. There’s online and LAN play. All new is the campaign mode which is essentially a 3D fighter. The cool part about this is that you can play with the AI companion or a friend, and friends can jump in and out at any time. Campaign mode is where most of the unlocking takes place and where you’ll learn the storylines behind each character. There are about 40 stages and some stages can only be played by some characters.


Tekken 6 for PSP is due late Fall or early Winter 2009. I only played quickly and it was fun. An interesting twist is the armor indicator so you know where your opponent has been weakened (high, middle, or low).
Active Life: Extreme Challenge for Wii uses a dance pad to emulate playing extreme sports like bungee jumping, BMX, skateboarding, and street luge. There are some fun and interesting mechanics, like crawling on the mat for rock climbing or sitting on the mat and using your hands to propel yourself down the street on the luge. It looked fun but a little kiddy. I bet this would be a lot of fun at a party.
Soul Calibre Broken Destiny for PSP looked pretty cool too. New characters include Kratos from God of War and a guy named Dampierre who reminded me a little of Voldo. There are 15+ characters in all. It’s all single player and starts with a training mode. There’s a decent create-a-character mode. There is 2 player mode using wireless ad hoc. It’ll ship sometime Fall 2009.

Dead to Rights: Retribution for Xbox 360 brings the gritty crime noir story back. This time it’s a new story although it’s the same characters. Due to ship in 2010, I was only playing a short demo, which I enjoyed. You play as Jack Slate and his dog Shadow. Shadow is half-wolf and half-malamute I think. At various points in the game you either use the d-pad to order Shadow around or play as Shadow yourself. I had a lot of fun turning enemies into a bloody mess using Shadow. When playing as Jack, you get the 360 degree fighting system which allows you to seamlessly switch between punches, kicks, and weapons. The game was very brutal, definitely going to be rated M.


DragonBall Raging Blast is basically the fifth in the series. The biggest change is that the fighting area is much bigger now, a good thing in a game where you can fly. The environment is destructible and you can use it to your advantage. Combat is faster and there’s a good degree of magic type attacks. The arenas are more varied. This could be the best DragonBall yet.

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