About Matt Sarrel

I've been an avid gamer since I was a child. It all goes back to the arcade game Centipede. And Asteroids, Space Invaders and Battle Zone. I was also really into hockey on our Radio Shack Pong game. Then I had a TI-99 and played some game called Sengoku Jadai that I had to load off of an audio cassette. Then came the Apple IIe with Larry Bird vs. Dr. J, Miner 2049er, LoadRunner (I literally played LoadRunner for weeks on end), Apple Cider Spider. Ah, and Tetris on my Mac. And Shufflepuck Cafe. Then Doom 2 ushered in a new era. It was like I was born again. At the time, I was a network administrator so I built a kick-ass subnet where all of us geeks could play Doom 2 after work. That rocked!

Eventually, my career followed a convoluted path and I ended up at PC Magazine as a technical director in the lab. My passion for gaming (primarily playstation one) led me to pitch what was then a "next gen" console story - Xbox. PS2, Gamecube, and Dreamcast. One thing led to another and now I work for myself. In addition to everything else I do I've worked myself into a position where my passion for gaming can be satisfied. I'm a freelance game reviewer. I review games and gadgets for YRB and Bridgez, and sometimes for PC Magazine. A lot of my game related thoughts never make it into print. That's why I started this blog, so I can express my opinions and share news about games with other gamers. Most of the content is just brain-dumped into the site just as if I were discussing it with friends. Some of my friends also write for the blog.

For more information see this page on my main site.