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Ape Escape 3 Ships

Ape Escape® 3 for PlayStation2

· Mesal Gear Solid – In a collaboration with SCEI and KONAMI, play in Mesal Gear Solid mode which parodies the Metal Gear Solid franchise with monkeys as commandos

· Playable characters – Choose to play as either Kei or Yumi at the start of the game with the new ability to transform into various morphs

· Morphed characters – A transformation meter allows various morphs to complete certain battles that include a knight, a western kid, a ninja, a Kung Fu Master and an Arabian prince

· More games – Play two different mini-games including the Super Monkey Throw Stadium where players compete flying distance by throwing monkeys, or the Ultim-ape Fighting game where two monkeys battle using the two analog sticks

There's also something called Simian Cinema where you create your own replay movies.

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